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Discover Lucrative Remote Work Opportunities: Earn €80 to €120 Per Day


Omio is a global multi-mode search engine for all major forms of transport. We compare and combine air, bus, rail and ferry journeys for routes both big and small. We work out the total travel time and cost, making it easier for you to plan and budget for your trip. GoEuro Travel GmbH, doing business as Omio, formerly known as GoEuro, is a German online travel comparison and booking website based in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 2013 as GoEuro by Naren Shaam. Omio employs more than 300 people and is active in 37 countries globally.

Shift Your 9 to 5 Office Routine to Work From Home and Earn Income with Ease

Omio Job is your partner in recruiting part-time and full-time staff.

Leverage our cutting-edge search tools to discover and apply for relevant projects in real-time, receiving timely notifications directly to your inbox.

We carefully curate our network of companies to guarantee the highest quality project opportunities on our platform.

Rest assured, there are no hidden fees or deductions from your pay – what you earn is yours to keep!


Our Process For Your Success

Ways to Make Money Online in Your Spare Time. Immediate Vacancies. Apply Online Today. Anyone Above Age of 21 Is Welcome to Apply These Job without CV. Get Hired Fast!

1. Fill Out The Contact Form In Our Website & Wait For Our Team To Contact You.

2. Our Team Will Contact You In Whatsapp & Explain To You The Work Details.

3. Get The Latest Work From Our Team & Start Working According To Their Instruction.

4. Get Paid Upon Job Completion. Check With Our Member For New Job Order.


Our Commitment

Looking To Work On A Project?

Looking For An Expert?

Our platform is an innovative solution for talents to find their next project: our mission is to bring experts together.

Highly skilled freelancers join our marketplace to find a new job quickly by applying and searching our project marketplace of high-quality projects. Europe's leading businesses can search and access premium talent with just a few clicks, and post their projects for freelancers to browse.

Join our community now!

Are you an expert looking for your next challenge?

Firstly, stand out with a great profile and upload your portfolio for businesses to contact you directly, or you can search our project marketplace for 1000s of dream projects and apply right away!

Join our community now, and be visible to businesses immediately.

Are you a business looking to hire an expert freelancer?

Register as a company now to search through our freelancer marketplace. Easily make a company profile and search immediately for the perfect freelancer with the skills you need, or simply make a project and choose the best of your applicants.

You can begin working together right away.


1. Tourism Marketing Assistant
2. Tourism Data Analyst
3. Tourism Customer Experience Manager
4. Tourism Review Appraiser 
5. Hospitality Data Analyst
6. Tourism Sales Consultant
7. Tourism Quality Analyst
8. Tourism Quality Assurance Analyst
9. Tourism Customer Service Specialist
10. Hotel Quality Inspector
11. Accommodation Evaluator
12. Travel Accommodation Appraiser
13. Hospitality Evaluation Consultant
14. Hospitality Analyst
15. Hotel Quality Auditor
16. Hospitality Consultant
17. Guest Experience Evaluator



  • Earn up to €80-120 per day depending on works completed.

  • Get paid every day after work is done.

  • Working time 2-3 hours a day

  • Choose from a wide selection of works such as market research, surveys, online shopping and more.

  • Use your phone to perform simple online works.

  • Digital knowledge is an advantage.

  • Flexible working hours at home

  • Earn up to €150-200 per day depending on works completed.

  • Get paid daily, weekly or monthly after the job is done.

  • Working time 4-6 hours per day

  • Choose from a wide selection of works such as market research, surveys, online shopping and more.

  • Use your phone to perform simple online works.

  • Digital knowledge is an advantage.

  • Flexible working hours at home

Robert Rose

Easily earn extra income with simple work during my part time work.

Alex Smith

Being unemployed. This job easily manageable by my phone, was my life saver during this crisis.

Drew Carlyle

Thank you for this opportunity. Now I can work from home while I taking care of my child.

Jessica Davis

That €1000 I got today was a real life saver, especially juggling part time remote work and waiting for my pay day.


How To Apply The Job?

Fill out the contact form in our website. Our recruiters will contact you for verification and will walk you through the steps to get started. Sign up quickly because vacancy is limited.

What Exactly is Omio Job?

Omio Job specializes in remote work placements, connecting employers with skilled professionals for flexible, location-independent opportunities.

Information On Companies

Omio Job collaborate with companies come from a variety of different industries, such as Recruitment agencies, Industrial and manufacturing companies, Consulting firms Agencies and service partners, Start-ups.

Is My Personal Data Safe?

Your personal data and security is really important to us. Keeping your data safe is one of our top priorities. TalentHunt serves as an administrator of your personal data. This means we collect, process and use all user data in accordance with applicable data protection laws of your country. You can find more information in our Privacy Policy.

Information For You

A freelancer is an individual who is self employed and works on temporary projects, offering their skills as an independent contractor. The term freelancer includes, in particular, all self-employed persons, independent professionals, freelance workers, freelance artists, but you may offer any skills on a freelance basis. With the online economy booming, many people are rejecting traditional workplaces in favour of selling their specialist skills directly to companies who need them on their projects. You don’t need to be an experienced freelancer to list yourself on our platform, you just need to have a skill! If you are an excellent artist, CRM developer, SAP expert or a video editor, we would love for you to join our community!

Advantages For Joining Us

Free access to an ever-growing project marketplace

An expert profile to present yourself to potential clients

A searchable database so you can be found and contacted by employers based on your profile

High-quality lead generation for your business

Emails giving you immediate notification of new, relevant projects

Access to our world-class platform and the fastest growing freelancer marketplace in Europe!

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